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Hand-dyed chunky yarn | Heather fells | 25cm x 30cm

Hand-dyed chunky yarn | Heather fells | 25cm x 30cm


A very special piece made from beautiful chunky yarn that I dyed following a trip to the Yorkshire Dales, one of my favourite places. I just love the colours of the brackens and heathers across the fells, and I embroidery to pick out the details in the forwground - so satisfying to weave! 


Frame size: 25cm x 30cm

Landscape weavings are a labour of love to capture the feeling of a place, and the tonal variations that make it special.


I love to hand-dye yarns to create a palette of scruptious tones to work with. I also love to play with different textures, such as knotting to add some lumpiness for rocks, hedges and woods. Once the weaving is off the loom it is ready for embroidery to in add hedgerows or grasses in the foreground, and doors and windows on buildings - the finishing touches really help to make the weaving sing!

We work hard to describe and photograph each item as accurately as possible to show the true colours and textures. However we cannot guarantee that colours will look the same on your display as in real life, as different devices can show colours differently.

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